Media Release - April 14th 2023

Gosfield North Communication has announced an exciting plan to bring true fibre service to all its members by 2025, with construction already underway in Cottam. The announcement was made during a hosted event attended by Mayor Dennis Rogers, Deputy Mayor Kimberly DeYong, Councillor Larry Patterson, and Sue Rice, a member of the Economic Development and Tourism team of the town of Kingsville.

Gosfield Communications is a long-standing local Co-operative that has been providing telecommunication services to Cottam and the surrounding communities of Woodslee, Comber, and Belle River for over a century. The Co-operative offers telephone, television, and internet services to over 3,000 homes directly connected and an additional 2,000 homes indirectly connected. Gosfield is committed to providing cutting-edge technology to all its subscribers, regardless of their location, and never forgets its small-town roots and commitments to the communities it serves.

Members of the Co-operative were thrilled to learn about the upcoming construction plan for fiber during the annual general meeting held in March. Once fiber is connected, personalized plans for speeds ranging from 60MB to 1GB will be offered, without any gimmicks of lower prices for extreme long-term contracts. Gosfield promises to provide superior service at fair prices.

Construction has already begun on County Road 34 W, and personal notifications have been sent out to members. In the coming months, construction will commence on County Rd 27 W, William/Clark/Lyle/Francis, and Road 11/North Talbot (west of Cameron), with completion expected by mid-summer of 2023. In Cottam, construction will also begin on Laird, Fox, Delmer, Hill, Klundert, Elwood, and Stockwell, with completion in the same year.

The construction plan for 2024 includes the remainder of County Rd 34 W (civic #100-242 & 290-394), County Rd 34 E. (civic #100-211 & 260-374), County Rd 27 E, and Cameron Sideroad E. Additionally, in Cottam, Greenwood, King, and Victoria streets will be completed in 2024.

The final construction plan will begin in the spring of 2025, with County Rd 14, Road 6/Road 7/Road 8 E, North Talbot, Road 6 W, South Talbot, Division Rd, and County Rd 8 set to undergo construction. Gosfield Communications is confident that its project will be successful and meet all necessary standards and specifications.

Once construction is completed, 1,100 homes will be added to the existing fiber network, bringing 100% of the Co-operative's customers onto fibre in the communities it serves. Gosfield Communications remains grateful for the continued loyal support of its Co-operative members and customers and is excited about the future.