Newsletter - June 2023

We have received a few inquiries in the past 24 hours regarding a letter you may have received from another telecom provider who intends to begin work in the Cottam area. It is crucial to differentiate between Gosfield and the other telecom provider. We operate independently, and there is no collaboration or sharing of equipment or lines between us. Specifically, they are targeting County Rd 34 W. If you reside in this area, from Cameron to Marsh, we would like to inform you that Gosfield will be installing fiber optic infrastructure to your home in spring of 2024. We are highly confident that we will have our services up and running at your residence before the competitor in the region is ready to provide their potential services. 

The letter you received consists of two parts. Firstly, it requests your consent to allow them to install their fiber optic cables and related equipment on the easement (public portion) of your property. Please note that this work will take place regardless of your signature. 

Secondly, the main purpose of the letter is to obtain your permission to extend the fiber optic connection from the easement or roadway to your house, which involves crossing your private property. They require written consent for this particular aspect. 

You are not obligated to respond to the entire letter unless you wish to have them lay fiber optic cables from the road to your house. We would like to emphasize that it is common industry practice not to charge homeowners for the connection to their homes. Don’t get mislead by a free offer. 

We are pleased to advise you that the first year of our three-year construction plan is well underway. In the first phase, the main fiber optic infrastructure has been laid along County Road 34 W, west of Cameron Sideroad. Homeowners in the area have already been invited to schedule connection appointments. Our second phase is also underway, and crews have commenced work along County Rd 27 W. Work will continue through William, Clark, Lyle, Francis, and Road 11/North Talbot (west of Cameron). 

As we move forward this year, our construction activities will focus on the following streets at the end of summer: Laird, Fox, Delmer, Hill, Klundert, Elwood, and Stockwell. 

Looking ahead to 2024, our construction plan includes completing the remaining sections of County Rd 34 W (civic #100-242 & 290-394), County Rd 34 E (civic #100-211 & 260-374), County Rd 27 E, and Cameron Sideroad E. Additionally, in Cottam, we will be completing the streets of Greenwood, King, and Victoria during the 2024 construction season. 

Finally, our last phase of construction is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2025. This phase includes County Rd 14, Road 6/Road 7/Road 8 E, North Talbot, Road 6 W, South Talbot, Division Rd, and County Rd 8. 

We appreciate your continued support and patience as we work diligently to bring high-quality fiber optic services to home. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We value your membership and look forward to serving you. 

The Gosfield Team