Message From The Board, August, 2023

Fibre Upgrade Construction Announcement
The Board of Directors at Gosfield Communications are thrilled to announce that we are accelerating our timeline and are now aiming to accomplish the entire fibre upgrade project within 2 years instead of the originally planned 3 years.  Exceptional progress is being made by our dedicated team including our contractors. The project's momentum has surpassed our initial expectations, and we are thrilled to provide you with insights into the advancements of our Fibre Upgrade Project.

We are moving forward from our 2024 plan to the fall of 2023:

         • County Rd 34 W (east of Cameron)
         • County Rd 34 W (Town)

Additionally, we are optimistic about the potential completion of the following areas in 2023, pending favorable weather and permits:

         • County Rd 34 E (Town)
         • County Rd 27 E

The remaining areas are now scheduled for completion in 2024:

         • County Rd 34 E/Inman Sideroad
         • Cameron Sideroad E
         • Road 7 E/Road 6 E
         • County Rd 14
         • Road 8 E/North Talbot
         • Road 6 W/South Talbot/Division Rd
         • County Rd 8 W
         • County Rd 8 E

Based on the updated strategy, we project that we will have accomplished 70% of our fiber upgrade objective by the end of the 2023 season. This represents a significant increase from our initial aim of reaching 44% completion.  We extend our gratitude to each of you for thei nvaluable support you have given our cooperative. Your patience and unwavering commitment and loyalty ensures Gosfield has a promising future, carrying forward our legacy as your trusted, local provider since 1907.

Board of Directors
James Klie
Dan Stanley
Donnie Newman
Darin Rickeard
Derek Watts