Newsletter - November 2023

We are delighted to announce that your support and commitment to Gosfield Communications has led to the declaration of a patronage for 2023.

Your unwavering trust and investment in our vision as a cooperative member are sincerely appreciated. Together, we are dedicated to creating sustained value while preserving our unique, local member co-operative.  You remain our focus as our valued shareholders.  Thank you for being part of our journey. We look forward to your continued support as we navigate the path of even greater success in the future years together.

Embracing change has yielded tangible results! In 2022, your call for change resulted in the election of an entirely new Board of Directors. This was complemented by the recruitment of a new General Manager in 2023. Since then, significant turnaround has already occurred and through our efforts we will complete the necessary changes by 2025.  The 2023 Patronage payment is a result of our efforts to-date.

2023 has proven to be momentous, as members feedback was actioned, and we began the much-needed upgrade in our home service area with fiber-optic. The project is well underway and exceeding our set targets, a testament to excellent planning and resource management. What was initially planned as a 3-year endeavor is now projected for completion within 2 years, with an impressive 70% of the main line anticipated to be finished by the end of the first year. As we gear up for the challenges that 2024 holds for our cooperative, we ask for your steadfast loyalty, support, and understanding.

We appeal to you to spread the word about the commendable initiatives undertaken by Gosfield. Champion our commitment to excellent service, equitable pricing, and renewed focus within your circles of neighbours, family, and friends. Encourage non-members to sign up for our services and become part of our local cooperative. For members who may be contemplating an alternative provider, consider our longstanding leadership in the community, our committed sponsorship of charities, sports and families, and above all the local presence in Cottam. Our employees are your neighbours and family. Your support is paramount for the continued success of our local cooperative.

As a member, your patronage payment is calculated based on the number of services (telephone, internet, and IPTV) you have with Gosfield. A credit will be applied to your monthly invoice for December, reducing your amount due as follows:

  • One Service = $7.50 credit
  • Two Services = $15.00 credit
  • Three Services = $22.50 credit

Kindest Regards

Board of Directors and Staff of Gosfield Communications.