2024 AGM

Gosfield North Communications Co-operative Holds Successful Annual General Meeting

Gosfield is pleased to announce the successful completion of its Annual General Meeting, held last evening. The meeting was attended by a large number of members, and we extend our sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the business review.

For those unable to attend, the meeting covered several key topics crucial to our cooperative's future:

  • Review of the 2023 financial performance
  • Staff retirements and new hires
  • Three-year financial goals
  • Market outlook
  • Amendments to the Cooperative's bylaws regarding CLEC
  • Board composition and increase in representation
  • 2024 construction update
  • Retirement of the Gosfield email platform in December 2024
  • Adjustments to IPTV and telephone plans
  • Community sponsorships

The active engagement and input of the members present last evening confirmed our vision by supporting our plans. We greatly appreciate your attendance in shaping our cooperative's future direction.