Support - Online Safety

"Click bait" on Social Media

"Click bait" headlines typically provide just enough information to make the reader curious. Usually clicking on the picture, or link provided you are redirected to a third party website. Sometimes these websites are not secure or will redirect you to a totally unrelated site. These sites may result in additional "pop up" windows stating you've won a contest or have been selected for a survey.  Virus related issues may also arise from these sites as well. Be wary of any redirecting websites.

Microsoft Scam

The current scam begins with a phone call from a "Microsoft" employee, indicating that your computer has some sort of virus & it is requested for you to give information from your device so they can fix the issue.  Microsoft does have a warning about the scam on its website, with the following advice: Do not purchase anything. If there is a fee associated with the "service," hang up. Never give control of your computer to an unknown third party. Report the caller's information to your local authorities. Never give financial info to anyone claiming to be from Microsoft tech support.

Online Surveys, Contests, Questionaires, etc.

Please be aware that Gosfield North Communication does NOT support any "pop-up" surveys, questionaires or contests that you may see online while browsing. This is unfortunately a form of scam that we cannot prevent from happening.  Never give your personal information or credit card number to any of these "pop-up" windows.  If you are concerned regarding something you have seen you can always call our office to verify authenticity.