The Benefits of 10G-PON

By 2026, every home will require 1Gb internet connections to keep up with modern smart homes.

According to recent forecasts, by 2026, the average home will require a 1Gb internet connection to do what people can do now. It will soon be insufficient to 'power' your home with the same current internet power; thus, service providers must begin upgrading their service or at least start planning for it now.

The average smart home internet user has a few connected gadgets and will most certainly add more in the months and years ahead, giving rise to more smart homes.

With that, 10G-PON is coming to power increasing smart homes, providing more benefits than today’s GPON, such as the following:

Higher Bandwidth

The downstream bandwidth of 10G-PON is four times that of GPON, and the upstream bandwidth is two times that of GPON. As a result, downloading a Blu-ray movie takes only about 40 seconds!

Because it has more bandwidth, you can keep up with modern internet demands including smart home technology and increasing data needs for basic web browsing activities. For example, just 12 smart home devices require a 5 Mbps connection. As for basic internet uses such as Netflix, HD streaming now require three times more bandwidth than standard definition streaming. With more devices supporting 4K video, this increase in bandwidth demands will only continue to grow.

Lower Latency

There are already certain industry-leading technologies that can reduce OLT/ONU latency to the microsecond level, meet the stringent criteria of special enterprise leased lines, and ensure SLA. 10G-PON is one of them. On top of using 10G-PON, we also have our own fiber infrastructure so you’re never left waiting for information or help.

Higher Cost Performance

Because the ODN network does not need to be changed, the 10G-PON upgrade requires replacing the central office OLT and terminal ONT equipment. Simultaneously, greater bandwidth, particularly symmetrical bandwidth, can broaden additional application scenarios and decrease costs based on performance.

Simple Operation and Maintenance

In terms of operation and maintenance, 10G-PON technology is quite similar to GPON. Because service provisioning, equipment configuration, and network administration are comparable with earlier versions, there will be no increase in the workload for operations and maintenance. These consistencies mean personnel costs will remain stable.


Consumer desire for more bandwidth has risen due to the rapid rate of technological advancement. Smart homes now require far more internet bandwidth than existing GPON technology can deliver for HDTV, VR/AR, online interactive gaming, video streaming, and user-generated live content.

Service providers must enhance present service capacity beyond gigabit restrictions to fulfill user demand. It's becoming more difficult to keep up with standard smart home devices without slowing down connection speeds. So, 10G-PON can help you experience high-speed internet connections across the board regardless of how many smart home devices you use.