July 2023 Newsletter

As the summer season is in full swing, we wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for your continued support. The past few months have been incredibly busy here at Gosfield, and we are excited to share some important updates on our progress in 2023.


We are absolutely thrilled with the advancement of our construction project. Everything has gone according to plan, and in fact, we are ahead of schedule. We are pleased to announce that the first phase of our project, which involved laying the main fiber optic infrastructure along County Road 34 W, west of Cameron Sideroad, has been successfully completed. We are proud to inform you that 76% of the homes in this area have already been upgraded and are now benefiting from fiber connectivity! We continue to connect daily in this area and are targeting 100% of the homes to be upgraded in the coming weeks.

The second phase of our construction has focused on County Road 27 W, William, Clark, Lyle, and Francis. We anticipate completing the fiber work in approximately two weeks. By mid-July, we will be reaching out to homeowners in these areas to schedule installation appointments for their upgrades.

Phase Three, which involves Road 11/North Talbot (west of Cameron). We have already initiated the process by requesting locates, and homeowners in the area have received detailed letters outlining the upcoming work.

Phase Four, encompassing the streets Laird, Fox, Delmer, Hill, Klundert, Elwood, and Stockwell we have requested the necessary locates, and homeowners in these areas have observed color markings on their properties, signaling the project's advancement. Our current plan aims to complete the fiber installation  in these areas by late August. Following the installation, we will gradually connect our valued customers over the subsequent months. We are excited to bring enhanced connectivity to our members from our construction efforts in 2023, and greatly appreciate everyone’s patience and support throughout this process.


Gosfield 1 Community Channel
Additionally, we are delighted to announce the launch of the Gosfield1 Community Channel on June 23. This channel aims to celebrate our local community by showcasing various interests and capturing the richness of life within it. From local events and community organizations to important milestones such as births, passings, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, we strive to encompass the entire spectrum of life. We have reached out to local businesses and invited them to advertise for free during the introductory period of this channel. Tune in live to stay connected with all the exciting happenings in our community.

Where to Watch:
On your TV – tune into Channel 1
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@gosfield1
On your mobile device or desktop: www.gosfieldtel.ca

Cottam Open Street Day

In line with our commitment to supporting local initiatives, Gosfield is proud to be one of the many sponsors of the upcoming Cottam (as part of Kingsville) Open Street Festival. This is a family fun event and will take place on July 22 from 3pm to 10pm. It will feature live entertainment, local merchants, delicious food, and engaging games for kids.

Leveraging our Assets

In early spring we launched a sales campaign targeting homes in Belle River and Comber. By leveraging our existing infrastructure, we aimed to increase our customer counts. We will soon launch a second summer campaign again targeting these areas. If you live in these areas and have not signed up for service, reach out to us!

Preauthorized Payment and Going Paperless

We are committed to further reducing costs within our organization, and we are actively pursuing two strategies to achieve this goal. Firstly, we encourage our customers to switch to preauthorized payments and receive electronic bills instead of paper copies. By adopting these measures, Gosfield can enhance its efficiency and effectively decrease expenses. For customers who have not yet transitioned to electronic bill payments, we are pleased to offer an exciting opportunity. Throughout the month of August, they have the eligibility to sign up and participate in a contest, with a chance to win three months of complimentary service. The draw for this contest will take place on Friday, September 1st.

Thank you once again for your continued support and trust in Gosfield. We wish you a joyful and refreshing summer season!